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Our Unique Features

A relationship on your terms! Trade Faster, securely and on the GO!

Low Fees

Our competitive, investor friendly fee structure rewards you the more you trade.

Amplify Trading

We also offer advanced trading options so you can execute more complex trade strategies. Leverage up to 5X or 20X when margin trading with Bitnett.

Comprehensive Security Approach

Our world-class team of security experts work around the clock to cover every possible vector of attack so your cryptocurrency investments stay protected.

Funding Options

We are dedicated to making sure you can fund your account easily, wherever you are. Bitnett leads the industry in fiat and crypto funding options with low processing times.

24/7 Global Support

Reach out to our highly qualified support team via live chat any time for assistance, or quickly find what you need with our extensive support documentation.

Proof of Reserve

Our regular Proof of Reserves audits make it easy for clients to verify the balances they hold are backed by real assets, all with just a few easy clicks in their account.